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  Write an essay of 160-200 words based on the following drawing. In your essay, you should:

  1) describe the drawing briefly,

  2) explain its intended meaning, and then

  3) give your comments.

  You should write on ANSWER SHEET 2.


  The picture describes an increasingly common scenario in today's world. An employee quits her previous job and carries the company's confidential commercial information to her new position, which quite angers her former boss. Meanwhile, the employee herself is ignorant of her misbehavior, but only indulges in the happiness of a better career development.

  I would like to begin the discussion by relating the background of this phenomenon. As China has experienced, and is experiencing, a prosperous economic boom with numerous companies mushrooming, people start to throw away the deep-rooted thought that one should keep a single job as a life-long pursuit. Instead, job hopping has become as common as daily meals. A series of problems thus emerge, including how employees stick to their occupational discipline to keep secrets of different organizations. Some people are offered a new position merely for the much intelligence they command, while others might reveal confidential information unconsciously. Their behavior leads to unfair competition and damage the otherwise well-functioning economic order.

  In my point of view, for one thing, all employees need to be instilled with honesty and loyalty. Honesty records should be established to evaluate employees' credibility. For another, therefore should be interferences from relevant laws and regulations in order to chastise those whose telltale action results in great harm.






  confidential: adj. 秘密的,机密的

  misbehavior: n. 品行不端

  indulge in: 沉湎于

  mushroom: v. 迅速发展

  deep-rooted: adj. 根深蒂固的

  stick to: 坚持

  unconsciously: adv. 无意识地

  well-functioning: adj. 运行良好的

  be instilled with: 被灌输......

  loyalty: n. 忠诚

  credibility: n. 可信度

  interference: n. 干涉、干预

  chastise: v. 严惩、惩罚

  telltale: adj. 泄密的


  The picture describes an increasingly common scenario in today's world.

  I would like to begin the discussion by...

  A series of problems thus emerge, including...



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