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  01. ---Shall I tell John our secret?

  ---No, you mustn’t. ____________

  A. Take it easy B. It sounds like a great idea

  C. If you don’t mind D. It’s just between you and me

  02. Professional skills are tools like a knife or a hammer. You need_______to complete the things you want to do.

  A. it B. that C. them D. ones.

  03. ---What’s wrong with the door?

  ---The key has got stuck in it and _______come out.

  A. shouldn’t B. mustn’t C. needn’t D. won’t

  04. ---I know you want to talk about this report, but I’d like to tell you about our new partner.

  ---________. We can talk about him later.

  A. Let’s stick to the point B. It’s nice of you C. It’s really hard to say D. You’ll make it.

  05. It’s easy to get lost when you drive in a new city, so it’s important to _______a good map before you set out.

  A. study B. display C. deliver D. publish

  06. Mrs. Taylor went around the shops, _______what she thought was necessary.

  A. ordered B. ordering C. to have ordered D. having been ordered

  07. There was a long wait at the reception desk, _____everyone was checking in.

  A. why B. which C. whom D. where

  08. I jumped with joy the moment I ______my driver’s license in the mail.

  A. receive B. received C. had received D. would receive

  09. Can we stop the ________of the world’s deserts and save the land that man depends so much on?

  A. loss B. heat C. spread D. defence

  10. He studied hard and later became a well-known writer, which was ______his father had expected.

  A. why B. how C. that D. what

  11. There have been many advances in medicine in recent years. That means money _______for medical research has been well spent.

  A. used B. using C. to use D. to be used

  12. When people want to expand their knowledge, they usually________ books that offer useful information.

  A. point to B. turn to C. attend to D. belong to

  13. Make sure you save all your work on screen ______the computer breaks down.

  A. in case B. as if C. so that D. even though

  14. Jane wishes that she________ foreign trade instead of literature when she was in college.

  A. studied B. had studied C. would study D. might have studied

  15. What was it ________brought you two together? Was it your love of music?

  A. as B. who C. that D. which



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