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  The law is an instrument of great value in the governance of a country and good laws are a prerequisite for good governance. To build a socialist rule of law system with Chinese characteristics, we must begin with legislation, allowing legislation to play the role of guiding and driving forward the development of rule of law, and focus on the key task of improving the quality of legislation.

  We must stick scrupulously to the idea of putting the people first in legislation and making legislation for them, put into effect the core socialist values, and make sure every piece of legislation is in keeping with the spirit of the Constitution, reflects the will of the people, and is supported by them.

  We need to follow the principles of justice, impartiality, and openness throughout the whole legislative process, improve our legislative systems and mechanisms, and place equal emphasis on making new laws, revising existing laws, abolishing those that are unnecessary, and interpreting laws that need clarification in order to make our legislation more up-to-date, systemic, targeted, and effective.

  The very life and authority of the law lie in its implementation. Governments at all levels must carry out their work under the Party’s leadership and in line with the rule of law, and move more quickly to become rule of law governments which have well-defined functions and legal powers and responsibilities, ensure that the law is strictly administered, are open and impartial, operate efficiently and free from corruption, and are more credible and law-abiding.




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